Hi, I’m Mindi. Hopefully, you’re here because you’re curious about me. I love that for both of us!

Work stuff:
For 13 years, I’ve been working as a real-time captioner, aka voice writer. As a voice writer, I’m constantly listening, echoing, punctuating, editing, reading, and correcting–it’s kind of the ultimate multitasking. I know a lot about current events and sports of the past 13 years and a lot about random subjects from programs that I’ve captioned. I’m also an experienced, empathetic manager. I care about and appreciate people as people first and foremost, and it’s important to me to regularly and frequently communicate that.

Education stuff:
I have a BA in English, but I was a music major for the first two years of college. I realized I didn’t want to be a professional trumpet player or a music teacher, and I figured that English was more broadly applicable. Indeed, my communication and writing skills have come in very handy.
In 2020, I captioned a field study for a Deaf UX researcher at a MAANG company. Shortly thereafter, I captioned a high school class where the teacher was leading the students through a design exercise in an online program, building a beach scene. I was completely captivated by UX, and I’m happy to say that joy and excitement has only grown as I’ve continued on my UX journey.

Personal stuff:
I’m a big fan of critical thinking, and I’m an introverted, introspective feminist. I exist in the world as a fat queer woman, and I’m huge (pun intended) on empowering others to live their best lives in the belief that all bodies are good and valid.
I love trying new things! To celebrate a milestone birthday in 2020, I drove a bulldozer in the Las Vegas desert, learned to throw axes, and learned to torch-work glass (similar to glass blowing, which I’ve also done). During the pandemic, I’ve participated in a competitive axe throwing league (No, I’m not good at it) and learned how to make stained glass art (my childhood neighbor Mr. Ecklund would be proud). I also run a couple Meetups: one for UXers to build experience and practice interview skills and one for folks in PDX to do fun stuff together.

Pop Culture stuff:
TV: Schitt’s Creek, The Good Place, Westworld (not caught up), Ted Lasso, Abbott Elementary, Buffy, Firefly, Luther, Warehouse 13, True Blood, Lost Girl, The Vampire Diaries, The Killing, Sons of Anarchy, In Plain Sight, House, Psych, Wynonna Earp, Expanse, Bob’s Burgers, Leverage, White Collar, Community
Movies: I’ll watch almost anything with Keanu Reeves, but, beyond that, one of my old careers kind of wore me out on movies, so they aren’t something I regularly choose for entertainment. However, I heart Dodgeball quotes forever.
Books: I love to read, but I find it hard to retain titles and authors’ names in my brain. Pretty sure it’s Kindle’s job to do that for me.

I can be reached at mindisferguson@gmail.com.

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