Reel Titles Site Redesign

I recruited for and led a project to redesign a small business website, collaborating with several other UX designers and researchers. Research consisted of a stakeholder interview, user interviews, heuristic analyses, and competitor reviews. Two design concepts were presented, including typography and color schemes. I created a WordPress Theme from scratch via a theme-builder, then implemented the design, with modifications, via WordPress, revising the theme and employing plug-ins and CSS as needed.

The original Reel Titles website was created in 2008-ish, and its appearance was considerably dated as of 2022. The client allowed me carte blanche in the redesign, with two specific requests: Do away with off-topic header image and remove outdated past projects.

Through research, the team identified a number of other priorities:

  • Relocate contact info to more user-friendly location
  • Relocate social links to more user-friendly location
  • Remove unnecessary/confusing search box
  • Add form to request quote for ease of use
  • Add buttons to link to form for ease of use
  • Update copy for readability and relevance
  • Modernize logo, color scheme, and typography for relevance and readability
  • Ensure strong color contrast and useful alt text for accessibility
  • Update copyright year to reflect present and improve trustworthiness
  • Confirmation message on form submit to indicate expected response time
  • Remove physical address
  • Remove admin login from footer

Check out the before and after below!

Previous design of homepage, black background, dated film noir-ish image as header background, tube-style TV logo, with contact details at bottom of page
Previous design of
Redesigned home page, white background, updated logo, updated color scheme with purple and orange text emphasis, and contact info at top of page
New design of
Lengthy past projects page with short info and movie poster images of past projects, many from years ago, none particularly current
Previous Past Projects Page
Past projects page with short intro and links to credited past projects on IMDb
Current Past Projects Page
Previous About Reel Titles page
Previous About Reel Titles Page
Current About Reel Titles page
Current About Reel Titles Page
Screen shot of Request a Quote form, including fields for name, email, project title, project runtime, service requested, and a message field
New Request a Quote Form for Reel Titles
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